Chairman's Message

From left to right: Özgün Karakullukçu, Cahit Karakullukçu and Soner Karakullukçu

The 21st century, that we are just beginning, does not make us feel the absence of previous centuries in terms of bringing about changes that have profound effects on many points of our lives. With one difference; the elapsed time has not only accelerated the pace of changes but also spread to a wide variety of areas. This speed of change has increased the differences between generations. Technological and managerial innovations have accelerated. Groups that cannot follow these developments that do not rejuvenate their management will not be able to catch the era or even compete with their competitors. Precisely at this juncture, I firmly believe that KRK Holding will achieve this thanks to my beloved sons, our Board Members Soner Karakullukçu and Özgün Karakullukçu, and the rejuvenated management staff.
As many thinkers expressed decades ago, today we can follow those changes that make our world look like a 'village'. Because of the digital transformation, our computer screens have almost become windows to the world.  We have the opportunity to return the same day from our business trip to the other end of the world. In short, this century leaves its mark with the speed it brings to our lives. Those who can realize and implement the changes we are experiencing and those who can contribute to this change will be successful.

We will experience an age, in which people question especially economic systems and political resolutions more often. Therefore, we observe that global governance organizations such as the United Nations will stand out even more. On the other hand, the movements that we are seeing even in some developed countries are further increasing the importance of nation-states. Neoliberalism has become questionable. We are moving away from a world where the majority can reach the minimum standard of living, although our hope that the differences in development and welfare between countries and individuals are minimized. We understand this from the annual reports on the global distribution of wealth.

With our increasing environmental conscience, avoiding harming our world, which we have borrowed from future generations, should be our top priority. The global increase in energy demand in our world, which we cannot allow any further contamination, will also increase the need for clean and renewable energy sources. In such a shrinking world, we have to understand that not only those around us but also geographically the most distant problems concern us and that we have responsibilities in this area.

As I expressed at the beginning of my article, the astonishing increase in communication facilities with the effect of digital transformation has facilitated access to information. This has made the quality and price of the services offered more easily questionable. In light of the above-mentioned issues, we must realize our projects with high environmental consciousness without compromising quality and in the most economical way. 

Such a future can be imagined that the consumption of petroleum and coal has been replaced by “renewable energy”. The importance of artificial intelligence has become more important in the justice system and medical fields. The use of private cars and driving has disappeared, you just have to dial the address to which you will go. Thus, traffic accidents have come to an end...  The future will take shape based on your perspective on life, depending on the scenario in which you make your contribution and your investment. Today, like yesterday, we are the ones who determine the destiny of our lives, our jobs, and our world. 

Therefore, in order to achieve our goals of being a society with a high level of welfare, a liveable environment and a company that adds value, as the KRK Holding family, we must adopt the following values and keep working shoulder to shoulder to reach the future we desire. I can specify our guiding values for individual and corporate success as efficiency, being a pioneer, setting an example to others, being a team, self-renewal and performance evaluation. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is indispensable for our sustainable growth to follow technological and cyclical developments and to keep up with new opportunities without delay.

"Contemporary Corporate Governance" and "Sustainable Growth" will continue to be our main goals in the upcoming period. We will continue to keep our main objectives of “modern corporate governance” and “sustainable development” in the future. On the way to these goals, the concepts of quality management, business ethic, team cooperation, transparency, environment awareness, and social responsibility are the basic principles of our group and all our employees.

Cahit Karakullukçu

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