Cahit Karakullukçu

As it was the case for the previous centuries, 21st century will be the stage for observing changes on an escalating speed. However, 21st century will be distinguished due to the unprecedented speed and nature of changes it will host. We undergo changes which give us the sensation of living in a global village. We can follow latest news on the world round-the-clock by our computers. We have the means to travel to anywhere in the world to make business and come back in the following day. So the main factor that distinguishes our century from previous ones is the uncommon pace of changes. The success surely will be achieved by the ones who realize and implement this change.
We will experience an age, in which people question especially economic systems and political resolutions more often. The importance of international organizations such as United Nations will be increased. Surely we will see a world in which the social inequalities between countries and peoples will tend to decrease on some scale where, at least, the number of people sharing adequate life standards will increase.
As people become more aware of the importance of their environment, it is their responsibility to at least preserve the environment as it is for future generations. The global increase in the demand for energy will also increase the need for sustainable and ecofriendly energy supply as we cannot tolerate any further contamination of our world. In a world that becomes a smaller place day by day, we must realize the problems of our neighbors’ will become ours as well. The astonishing increase in information and communications technology allows easier access for information. Therefore, it is easier to challenge the quality and prices of services provided. In light of above-mentioned issues, we must realize our projects with a high environment consciousness and in the most economical way without compromising on quality.
Efficiency, leadership, team consciousness, self-development and performance evaluation are our main values to ensure a personal and corporate success. In an ever increasing competitiveness, it is indispensable for us to follow the latest technological and circumstantial updates to keep up with new opportunities without delay.
We will continue to keep our main objectives of “modern corporate governance” and “sustainable development” in the future. In order to attain these objectives; quality management, work ethic, team solidarity, transparency, environment consciousness and social responsibility will be the main principles of our group and all of its staff.